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Dutchess Monarchs Lacrosse is a travel lacrosse team based out of Dutchess County, NY.  The mission of Monarchs Lacrosse is to develop lacrosse skills for players who have the drive to take their game to the next level.  Our practices focus on skill instruction, lacrosse IQ, and game-type situations, while tournaments allow for a highly competitive atmosphere.   The summer and fall months are the best time to improve upon skills needed to perform during the high school spring season.  Monarchs Lacrosse runs two sessions, summer and fall.  Player selection is based on coach and player recommendation.  We currently run teams for players in grades 6-12 for the summer and fall seasons.  The Monarchs team is founded and led by Arlington Varsity coach, Dan Schmitt, former varsity head and assistant, Maeghan Schmitt and Arlington Varsity assistant and girls program director of LaGrange Lacrosse, Mike Lowell.  Additional staff members from various high school and collegiate programs assist us throughout the season.
Our mission is to provide a meaningful and competitive lacrosse experience for girls in our area, by providing the opportunity to take part in an elite travel program.  Monarchs Lacrosse gives players a well-organized, competitive, positive and fun experience for our lacrosse players. 


Our coaching staff is familiar with collegiate play and also available to assist in the recruiting process throughout the year.  In addition, we offer one of the lowest cost programs in our area, while also offering more practices, beginning with our mini-camp format each summer.  Player uniform is included in our fee, while block booking for tournaments is also available.  We communicate with our parent's and players frequently throughout the course of our season.
Playing Time

  • All participants will play at any practices and tournament games.
    • Coaches will make every effort to fairly distribute playing time, however, Monarchs will play to win so equal playing time is not guaranteed.  Parent complaints in regard to position or playing time will not be tolerated.  Players who have missed practices prior to tournaments may find themselves with diminished playing time in said tournament.

Playing Up

  • Teams should remain balanced and competitive.  Playing up will only be allowed in the rarest of circumstances and is determined by only the coaching staff.  For example, an older team is short on players, the best player for the position needed by highest grade below will be chosen for that particular game and/or tournament.  In the event of tournaments divided by cohort, grades may be split.  For example, 9/10 team and 8/9 team.  This division will be decided upon solely by the coaching staff.


  • Teams are formed based on graduation year.  Players should expect to play with their graduation year regardless of age, experience, etc.  Dutchess Monarchs Lacrosse, LLC reserves the right to combine teams if necessary (i.e. teams comprised of more than one grad year). 
  • Coaches will make the decision in regards to player position on a given team.  While you may play one position  for your town or school team, players should expect to move around for travel for the best fit for the team and individual player.  This will also better prepare the player for college, where they may play an entirely different position from their high school career.  Players not willing to rotate through various positions will experience diminished playing time. 


  • Participation in a travel team environment requires a high level of commitment on the players part.  Players should plan on attending Monarchs practices and tournaments with their team and plan accordingly.
  • We encourage Monarchs players to make a commitment to the Monarchs travel team, and do not encourage participation in multiple teams.


  • Practice is a vital component to both individual and team success
    • ​Practices are mandatory.  Please schedule vacation time around practices.
      • Players are expected to attend practices and to notify the coaching staff if they plan to be absent.
      • Players who have been absent from practices may experience diminished playing time in the event they are not up to speed with offensive and defensive situations.
      • Players missing multiple practices may face removal from team and/or an upcoming tournament.  Missing multiple practices before a tournament will result in decreased playing time or removal from the tournament, where the team alternate will take the place of the player not attending practices. 
  • Practice Changes/Weather Policy
    • Dutchess Monarchs will make every effort to adhere to the practice schedule.  However, instances do arise that will require a change.  Players will be notified via email if this occurs
    • Dutchess Monarchs will practice in all weather except thunder and lightning.  Cancellations for weather will only take place in the event of severe weather.
    • Cancelled practices may not always be made up


  • We encourage our players to first speak with the coaching staff.
  • Any inquiries should be directed to , where we can then set up a time to meet.  Tournaments are not the time to discuss personal issues.


  • Dutchess Monarchs offers assistance with the recruiting process to players in the 9-12 grade cohort.
  • Video is available upon request.
  • Please see our recruiting page for more information.


  • Payment is expected on time.  Late payments may result in a late fee.
  • Players who are not paid in full will not be permitted to practice or play in tournaments until payment is up to date.
    • Players with financial hardship should contact Monarchs lacrosse to discuss payment options.
  • Refunds are only available to players with a medical injury at the start of the season, with proper medical documentation.
    • If a player gets injured during a tournament, refund will not be given.
  • Pro-Rating
    • Dutchess Monarchs does not offer pro-rating for tournaments and/or practices.
    • No refunds will be made for any practices or tournaments missed by the players.

Typical Practice Schedule

  • Warm up Lap/Stretching
  • Stick Skills
  • Shooting Drills
  • Skill set drills – offense, defense, transition (all players will gain experience in all areas of the game)
  • Game situations/scrimmage